Bind <c-m> without binding <cr>?

Is it possible to bind <c-m> without binding <cr>, bind <c-h> without binding <bs>, etc?

As I understand it, <c-m> being synonymous with <cr> is an artifact of how user input was encoded in old-school terminals, and as a result became part of terminal emulators.

With GUI frontends, is there a way to break the equivalence? Surely e.g. Qt can distinguish between <c-m> and <cr>, so Neovim-Qt should be able to somehow report them differently to Neovim.

Or is the equivalence still required, as a “lowest common denominator” in order to support various terminal emulators in the TUI frontend?

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Please post this solution here if you ever find it elsewhere. I also want to know how.

I am also looking for solution of this problem.

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