Is there a way to hide the cursor in a focused floating window?

I have my own ‘selection’ rendering/highlighting in a floating window and I want to hide the cursor.

Any attempt to restyle the cursor seems to not change anything from the default inverted.

I have vim.opt.termguicolors = true on and have tried:

 vim.cmd[[hi Cursor blend=100]]

When I look up the highlight I see that it was applied, but it still shows the same exact cursor.

Event setting other colors doesn’t seem to change it at all.

What am I missing here?

(Note I am running neovim in Alacritty)

Does the blurb here about pumblend and/or winblend apply?

I did mess around with that, I was able to hide it if it the cursor was on a blank cell, but as soon as it was on a non white space character it showed up.

FYI: Mechanism for plugin authors to hide the cursor in floating windows · Issue #18401 · neovim/neovim · GitHub

I guess unfortunately the solution is to override all mappings and mouse evnets that can move the cursor. Kind of a pain, but doable.

Possibly also helpful for you if you are trying to build a true modal dialog where you want 100% control over the mappings: :help mapclear.

Also: What is the usual way of disabling default mappings when building a modal dialog? - #2 by AckslD

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