A lua error i can't understand (E5108 nil value on input)

i am setting up neovim with only lua, my configuration is the following

the problem being that anytime i am in a JS tab, pressing tab (for indentation) one or more time return me this message

E5108: Error executing lua /Users/thibault/.config/nvim/lua/config/nvim-cmp.lua:22: attempt to index global 'luasnip' (a nil value)

and whenever i try to make a html or jsx tag, pressing > to close the tag get me this message

E5108: Error executing lua ...r/start/nvim-ts-autotag/lua/nvim-ts-autotag/internal.lua:267: attempt to ind
ex a nil value

i tried many different time to make my config over and over, reading the documentation carefully, but it happens every time and i can’t know why.

i tried looking at the code in .local/share/nvim but can’t seem to figure out how to fix it.

i have an apple silicon mac on macos montery beta so maybe that’s the cause i don’t know…

First error:
I’d imagine you probably know a little about programming because neovim users usually do.

This first error means luasnip variable you are using in line 22 is not defined/declared, meaning you used it out of nowhere, there’s no require, import, etc. So you have an error on you config.

The second error:
Autotag seems to be trying to use treesitter, did you enable it to use treesitter? If you did have you installed an setup treesitter?