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This is a place to discuss language servers, including troubleshooting language server configuration and the built-in neovim language server client. We ask that you keep discussion of plugins implementing the language server protocol in the Plugins category.

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How to start a server without needing a .git folder?, like CoC
Im changing to nvim lsp but most of the time i just write code without git, and i want to get the servers running without getting those in my directory
Is there a way for this?

Hi! I’m currently a university student from latam. The thing is, we develop in java and I’ve been trying to setup neovim for that (almost done) and the only feature missing is lombok. Still can’t configure that with native lsp. I have ovewritten the -javaagent in the cmd table from the lsp config file. But neovim keeps throwing an error: cmd ["-javaagent:C://Program Files//lombok//lombok.jar"] is not executable. ( Windows enviroment by the way :frowning: )
I’ve changed the path a lot of times and researched about this but nothing works. Maybe u can help me, any ideas? I don’t want to open an issue for this.