Always get message when launching neovim "'text.update' is now deprecated and won't work anymore, please use 'text.upgrade'"

Warning message:
‘text.update’ is now deprecated and won’t work anymore, please use ‘text.upgrade’

I have no any idea how to locate which plugin or configurations are using text.update. Can someone help? Thanks.

Grep that message in the directory where your plugins are installed to find out wich plugin is generating it. What plugin manager do you use? If you are using packer then run:

:cd ~/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/packer/start

and then:

:vimgrep /is now deprecated and won't work anymore/gj **/*

Thanks for the suggestion. But there is no any occurrence in my plugin folder.

ag "is now deprecated and won't"

I am using vim-plug as plugin manager.

Do you still see the message if you start nvim with no config (nvim --clean) ?

I don’t see warning message if starting by nvim --clean.

This looks like its from crates.nvim plugin

Thanks so much The message is gone after I disable crates.nvim plugin.