Annoying enforcing syntax highlighting (`rust_analyzer` LSP)

When I open the sample code file using nvim, I initially see syntax highlighting like second capture.
However, once rust_analyzer is loaded, the highlighting automatically changes to the first capture:
Can anyone help me figure out how to turn off syntax highlighting by rust_analyzer ? Thank you.

yeah i have the same behavior from the last update to 0.9 version

start({bufnr}, {client_id}, {opts})          *vim.lsp.semantic_tokens.start()*
    Start the semantic token highlighting engine for the given buffer with the
    given client. The client must already be attached to the buffer.

    NOTE: This is currently called automatically by
    |vim.lsp.buf_attach_client()|. To opt-out of semantic highlighting with a
    server that supports it, you can delete the semanticTokensProvider table
    from the {server_capabilities} of your client in your |LspAttach| callback
    or your configuration's `on_attach` callback: >lua

       client.server_capabilities.semanticTokensProvider = nil
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I utilized the most recent version, which I manually compiled in my local environment. However, I switched to the stable version (available on the stable branch) and the issue has been resolved.

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