Any Neovim community wiki?

Hey, so I’m aware there’s Home · neovim/neovim Wiki · GitHub which is a wiki for neovim, however it seems to be mainly focused around developing and building it. Is there any wiki for Neovim focused on using it and extending it? For example, there’s Vim Tips Wiki | Fandom which has a lot of useful information on on it for vim tips and configurations. This wiki is mainly focused on Vim from what I can tell, while Neovim has a lot of extensibility and supports lua init file.

Would people be interested in a wiki similar to that focused mainly on Neovim? I’m not sure what the best approach to it would be though, maybe dedicating a section of the current neovim wiki to such things or having a custom mediawiki hosted somewhere for it?

There are some wiki features available for discourse, I just haven’t look into enabling them yet. I agree it would be nice, but I think there would have to be some level of curation.

That’s interesting didn’t even know discourse had anything like that!

As for curation, I agree that would be necessary and I’m not sure if anyone currently wants to take on that extra work. Although if someone has time in the future I’d be happy to help as well with any of the curation. As for how to organize the info, I think the Vim Fandom wiki does a pretty nice job, where most snippets are accompanied by explanations and use cases.