Can't run :lua with other commands

I’m trying to run :lua require'alpha'.start(false) | bd! #, but Neovim recognizes the second argument as more Lua. Is there any way to add an end marker to the Lua section with it remaining a one-liner?

Consider an alternative where you stay in lua and just execute vimscript commands like this:

lua require('alpha').start(false) vim.api.nvim_command('bd')

NOTE: in some cases you might want to use vim.cmd, make sure you read about both of them

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This worked, but I have a new problem: I need this to work within an if statement. My full function is

:if len(getbufinfo({"buflisted":1})) > 1 | bp | bd! # | else | lua require("alpha").start(false) | bd! # | endif

Even if I enclose the bd! # within Lua, the statement fails because it needs to close the if.

Why not just use multiple lines?

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I’m trying to bind the command to a keybind. I’m trying to convert the entire thing to a Lua function right now. Edit: Is there any way to get the total number of buffers in Lua? If I can do that, I can most likely rewrite the entire function in Lua.

You can use #vim.fn.getbufinfo({buflisted = 1})

Also, :execute can be used for this: :execute 'lua require("alpha").start(false)'

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The Lua function is acting strange, but using :execute makes the Vimscript work. Thanks!

Can you show how you’re trying to bind? Maybe there is a better way.

The Vimscript way:

vim.api.nvim_set_keymap("n", "gbk", [[:if len(getbufinfo({"buflisted":1})) > 1 | bp | else | execute "lua require('alpha').start(false)" | endif | bd! #<CR>]], {noremap = true, silent = true})

It’s ugly, but it works.
The Lua way:

local bufferCount = vim.fn.len(vim.fn.getbufinfo({buflisted = 1}))
function _G.smartBufferDelete()
    if bufferCount > 1 then
        return vim.cmd("bp") and vim.cmd("bd! #")
        return require("alpha").start(false) and vim.cmd("bd! #")
vim.api.nvim_set_keymap("n", "gbk", "v:lua.smartBufferDelete()", {noremap = true, silent = true})

This one doesn’t work. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing either.