Clangd LSP client won't start

The clangd LSP client won’t start when I open a C++ file.

I’m using the latest version of the nvim-lspconfig plugin (974d15fa2809dff691d6a50a6759bf2c8bf39b4a) and the nightly version of neovim (NVIM v0.6.0-dev+254-g413e86869). This is running on Windows 10.

I’ve verified that compile_commands.json is in the root directory of my project, and that there are no other plugins enabled except for nvim-lspconfig. I’ve also reduced my LSP config to the following to ensure that everything is using the defaults.

lua << EOF
require('lspconfig').clangd.setup {}

When I open a C++ file with this config or start the client with :LspStart, I see the following from :LspInfo.

Language client log: D:\temp/nvim\lsp.log
 Detected filetype:   cpp

 0 client(s) attached to this buffer:

 Other clients that match the filetype: cpp

 Config: clangd
        filetypes:         c, cpp, objc, objcpp
        root directory:   M:/src/llvm-project
        cmd:               clangd --background-index
        cmd is executable: true
        autostart:         true
        custom handlers: Configured servers list: clangd

One odd thing to note: objcpp is green in this dialog. Seems odd, given that the detected filetype is cpp.

The LSP logs only show this line, once per init.

[ START ] 2021-09-12T16:25:29-0700 ] LSP logging initiated

Lastly, I’ve verified that clangd can be executed in the editor.

:!clangd --version
clangd version 12.0.0

Any debugging suggestions would be appreciated.

Revert back to 0.5, there’s a bug with URIs on the nightly

Hmmm… Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, 0.5 shows the same behavior.