Debugging packages which are causing performance problems?

I have some intermittent performance problems. The most explicit way to notice this is that holding down one of the direction keys results in a very jumpy and non-smooth translation of the cursor.

Any suggestions for how best to debug this?

Couldn’t you pinpoint by disabling and enabling plugins until pinpoint which one causes the problem? It’s not the most sophisticated method but should get the job done.

Just like previous messages, it’s mostly caused by a plugin so try to bisect them.
If you have set number or relativenumber enabled, disable both. You can try in another terminal too.
Going to a different line with less than 100% CPU should be within neovim’s reach :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess I was looking for a more sophisticated solution. I have about a dozen plugins and this particular problem is a bit intermittent so it’s going to be pretty hard to track down.

Also, I never get 100% CPU utilization from a thread, even when I’m having the problem.

You could try :h profile.