Denols not loaded for markdown filetype

The denols server is loaded in my init.lua

However, when I open a markdown file, LspInfo tells me that no server is used.

What am I doing wrong? How can I tell my neovim to load denols for formatting markdown files?

How can I tell neovim to reformat the whole file using denols whenever I save the file?

I know deno is mainly for typescript / javascript but it also works for markdown, and it’s pretty fast.

Thanks for your help

You can override the filetypes in the setup like so:

require'lspconfig'.denols.setup {
  filetypes = { 'markdown', ... }, -- list *ALL* filetypes
  -- add your other settings, if any

Note that this overrides the default filetypes and does not extend it, so you need to include the default file types (or at least those you are interest in) as well.