Easy way to get treesitter to 're-parse' the current buffer for syntax highlighting?

Is there a simple way to get Treesitter to re-parse a file for syntax highlighting?

Writing TS, with Prettier auto-formatting on save (using brew install neovim --HEAD which is 93f15db according to brew) and I often get lua treesitter errors, such as treesitter/highlighter: Error executing lua: ..._2/share/nvim/runtime/lua/vim/trees...

I then quit the buffer and reopen and it parses as normal but it would be nice to not need to do that!

I believe you can re trigger highlighting with :e. At least that’s what I do when TS or LSP things need to “reconnect” to the buffer.

Thanks, I’ll give that a whirl next time it goes screwy!

Just to close the loop here. It was a problem with vim-prettier. Switched to Formatter (GitHub - mhartington/formatter.nvim) for running Prettier and all those issues have gone :+1: