Error message after upgrading to Neovim 0.7

I got a long list of error messages as shown below after I upgrade to the latest Neovim 0.7.0 every time when I open a new file.

I can pass these errors/warnings by , and Neovim seems to be working, anyway, without me knowing what is going wrong…

I have no idea what it means. May I ask what I shall do to solve this issue? Thanks.


❯ nvim ~/.config/nvim/init.vim

Error detected while processing /Users/USERNAME/.config/nvim/plugged/vim-polyglot/autoload/polyglot/ft.vim:
line    1:
E683: File name missing or invalid pattern
line    3:
E488: Trailing characters: # Vim functions for file type detection
  1 " Author: USER
line    5:
E488: Trailing characters: # Maintainer:^IBram Moolenaar <>
line    6:
E488: Trailing characters: # Last Change:^I2022 Feb 05
line    8:
E488: Trailing characters: # These functions are moved here from runtime/filetype.vim to make startup
line    9:
E488: Trailing characters: # faster.

The errors point to the plugin polyglot.
If you are using treesitter (who isnt at this point) , running both treesitter and polyglot is not only overkill, but they clearly overlap and conflict in certain cases.
Unless you are working with filetypes that have no TS parser, I would suggest removing polyglot.

If you are using such filetypes, may I suggest you configure polyglot to only load on those said filetypes? I dont know about vim-plug but packer lets you lazy-load plugins only on specified filetypes

Thanks a lot, @ranjithshegde. Uninstall polyglot solved the issue.