File Type ST - Apex Language Server

I’m trying to get this Apex Language Server connected. I can start the server from the command line but I’m unable to get any clients to attach. LspInfo seems to think the file type is ‘st’ but the file extension is .cls. See screenshot. Where is it getting st from?

Here’s my config:

local lspconfig = require'lspconfig'
local configs = require'lspconfig/configs'
if not lspconfig.apexls then

  configs.apexls = {
    default_config = {
      cmd = { 'java', '-jar', '~/.local/share/nvim/myls/apex/apex-jorje-lsp.jar' },
      filetypes = { 'cls', 'trigger', 'apex' },
      root_dir = lspconfig.util.root_pattern('sfdx-project.json'),
      settings = {},
    on_attach = require'lsp'.common_on_attach

I found the :setfiletype command in the documentation. So this hurdle is passed for now, I’ll figure out the autodetect later. Now I think I need to figure out what arguments to pass to the java executable.