Fluid movement all direction with arrows, and j, k, l - but not h

Hello friends. New neovimmer here, and I am quite enjoying it. I am still putting the pieces together, and migrated some of my very rudimentary ( and poorly structured ) .vimrc file into a init.vim config. Apologies in advance for the config gore.

I’ve had a wonderful time putting way too many hours into trying to get things looking the way I want, and exploring some of the options available to me in regards to lsp, etc. You’ll notice from my config that I wound up with some crossover, which I am working to cleanup. Now, the point of my post…

For whatever reason, the “h” key is, out of all the directional keys, the only one that does not move in real time. If I hold h, it will stay where it was until I let go, then jump many many columns over. If I tap h, even at a moderate speed - the same outcome. Quite annoying, and I looked through my config to see if I possibly had a conflict, but came up empty.

I’m hoping one of you good folks might be able to spot what I was unable to. Also, any other advice is welcome, too!

Video: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Config: "" nvim.init"set history=1000filetype plugin onfiletype indent on - Pastebin.com

While I have the floor, one other question if you might feel so inclined: if you can spot why, when I use vim-commentary, indented blocks are moved to column 0, that would be great. I recently learned that I can use = to re-indent, but would prefer that things stay put on the indentation front.

Edit: Oddly enough (and likely pinning this to my config), h works just fine when I put my shell into vim mode with set -o vi

What does verbose map h show? Anything?

Alternatively, is it possible that you somehow have remapped h in your shell?

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verbose map h returns no mapping found.

Nothing set in my shell to that end.

I have “fixed” the problem. I moved my init.vim file to init.vim.bak and validated that it was in fact my config which was causing the slowness. Then, when I moved it back to init.vim - no more slowness…

I’m at a loss, but not going to complain. I appreciate you taking some time out to check in on this!