Highlight the line number where there is an lsp error

Hey! I’m currently switching from coc to lsp and it’s doing great so far but something I’d really like in coc was the “gui”, I had the LineNr in the color of the warning and the virtual text only on the current line. I know that this question have already been asked everywhere but none of the answer currently tried have worked for me…
Thank you for your time and have a great day! (:

See :help diagnostic-signs. You can define the signs with a “numhl”, which tells which highlight group neovim will use for that. You can also set linehl to set a highlight group for the entire line.

For example:

	sign define DiagnosticSignError text=E texthl=DiagnosticSignError linehl= numhl=DiagnosticSignError
	sign define DiagnosticSignWarn text=W texthl=DiagnosticSignWarn linehl= numhl=DiagnosticSignWarn
	sign define DiagnosticSignInfo text=I texthl=DiagnosticSignInfo linehl= numhl=DiagnosticSignInfo
	sign define DiagnosticSignHint text=H texthl=DiagnosticSignHint linehl= numhl=DiagnosticSignHint

This will make the line number look like the sign itself. You can also use a different highlight group, of course. If you want to have just the line number highlighted, without any symbols, you can set text=.

Thank you very much that worked just fine.
If anybody have an idea on how to only show virtual text on current line, I’m open to all suggestions…
Have a great day! (: