How can I pipe from shell to a scratch buffer (without file)?

Assume we have the following lua function to create a non-file backed buffer:

M.makeScratch = function(scratchpath)
  local uri = vim.uri_from_fname(scratchpath)
  local bufnr = vim.uri_to_bufnr(uri)[bufnr].bufhidden = ""[bufnr].buflisted = true[bufnr].buftype = "nofile"[bufnr].readonly = false[bufnr].swapfile = false

Now assume there is shell opened and the uri + buffer number is known (can be found via scratch path).
How can I pipe a command output to the created scratch buffer (not backed by a file)?

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I don’t have a complete answer, but I’d use the client-server feature of Neovim to pass the --listen option to the Neovim instance that creates a buffer, then run a command to pipe stdin to the server.