How do I tell neovim to allocate more memory?

hello. there
i saw that the performance in neovim (even with lua plugins and lua configs) is really bad in very large projects with a lot of files and a lot of lines of code for each file.

lsp server is going crazy. spikes the cpu and i cant even move. completion menu popup is really slow. typing is really slow.

how do i tell neovim to use more RAM, to allocate more memory to its resources (to allocate in advance, not to be limited to an amount of memory, for example max 1GB and also to tell to the language server to allocate more memory) to make overall performance really good.

Your LSP spiking the CPU has more or less nothing to do with how much memory Neovim has allocated for itself.

In general, you can’t make a program faster by “allocating more memory”. That’s just not howe it works.

Moreover, I am not aware of any built-in cap on memory allocation in Neovim.

Given that most other people don’t have this problem, you should share your configuration. It’s possible that something is misconfigured. Or maybe the LSP you are using has really poor performance, in which case there’s nothing you can do other than not using it.