How to configure a glob for a yamlls schema (or how to add more than one setting)

Hi, I have the following config for yaml schemas in yamlls config, but it complains with duplicate keys (naturally). What I’m trying is to either find a way to specify the same schema URL for more than one glob, or - even better - how to come up with a glob that fits for both possible paths:

  • .gitlab-ci.yml
  • ci/*.yml
    settings = {
        yaml = {
            schemaStore = {
                url = "",
                enable = true,
            schemas = {
                [""] = ".gitlab-ci.yml",
                [""] = "ci/*.yml",

any hints greatly appreciated and thanks for your outstanding efforts to make neovim a great experience!

I just found out that by removing both lines, it still works for .gitlab-ci.yml (seems to be detected properly), but still not for the included files (ci/*.yml) - they are detected as “normal” yaml files, but not validated against the gitlab-ci schema.

So the question remains…

OK, found it - curly braces work:

            schemas = {
                [""] = "k8s/**",
                [""] = {"ci/*.yml", ".gitlab-ci.yml"},