How to configure vim-cmp with ultisnips?

Looks like the nvim-compe plugin is going to be deprecated, replaced by nvim-cmp (eventually)

I have found this topic on reddit:

In face of this situation (vim-cmp) seems faster, but requires us to update our configurations, I love ultisnips because it is very simple to write new snippets.

Anyone has some inegration between vim-cmp and ultisnips?

I migrated today from nvim-compe and ultisnips to nvim-cmp and just went with luasnip instead, seems to work pretty well. The only thing I don’t have working as yet is html snippets in javascript/javascriptreact/vue.

Looks like nvim-cmp is following something similar to another plugin ddc.vim, where there is a separation of the completion framework and the sources that it provides.

nvim-cmp is just the framework, and others write out the sources for the plugin. There already is a list of sources provided for the plugin.

For ultisnips someone has created a source for it: GitHub - quangnguyen30192/cmp-nvim-ultisnips: nvim-cmp source for ultisnips

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Would be great seeing someone’s config with this, just because I don’t know lua enough to set it all perfectly!