How to load catpuccin permanently

Everytime I open the editor, I need to load catpuccin from Lazy and manually set it. How to make it permanent?

From lazy README on github, you can see there is a lazy flag:

When true, the plugin will only be loaded when needed. Lazy-loaded plugins are automatically loaded when their Lua modules are required, or when one of the lazy-loading handlers triggers

So, put the flag to false and load the colorscheme wherever you want in your config as you do manually.

Also, you might want to have a look at the priority flag.

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Thanks a lot bro. I had already given up on this and used kickstart.nvim from tjdev video and setup. But, I really appreciate that you responded. I thought this forum was dead and moved on.
This was the main issue for me. If I get a problem no one would be there to help me. Even google doesn’t give any answer since there so few who uses it.
Anyway bro, Thanks a lot. I appreciate it

Update: I reverted back to lazy nvim

I totally understand, things can get very frustrating very quickly when stuck at such “simple” tasks, and we don’t get the feedback we’d expect. But, that’s also how we’re pushed to lear things: by ourselves (to a certain degree, at least). So, keep going.

Glad to hear it. There is nothing wrong with using kickstart.nvim, if everything one’s interested in is having something that just works. However, if you want to understand how things work, I would not recommend that route. I can tell you, you will end up rewriting the configuration couple of times, but that’s part of the process of learning things under the hood.

I have found that having these set is how to get it to load with lazy:

    lazy = false,
    priority = 1000,

You can see my whole colorscheme plugin here: