Is Neovim free?

Hello dear Neovim team and community. I have some questions:

  1. Is Neovim completely free? Do I have to pay any fees? Should I send donations to Uganda or any other countries? Or can I not donate?
  2. What kind of license does Neovim have?
    I really liked this product and would love to use it.
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  1. It doesn’t cost money to use. You can sponsor it on github Sponsor @neovim on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub they also have a bitcoin address listed at the bottom of the site
  2. Apache 2.0 neovim/LICENSE.txt at master · neovim/neovim · GitHub

Thanks a lot for your answers! I just want to clarify something:

  1. So donations are not required?
  2. Is the license for Vim and Neovim different?
  1. Donations are not required.
  2. Looks like Vim uses its own license vim/LICENSE at master · vim/vim · GitHub
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Thanks a lot for your answers!