Is there something like 'termwinsize' for Neovim with termopen


Is there a way I can get termopen() to not wrap lines produced by the underlying program? Today, the output from the underlying program always wraps at the window width. In Vim, there’s an option 'termwinsize' which allows the underlying PTY to have a larger width than the buffer window hosting it.

My use-case is a small plugin which I had written (which worked well in Vim). I would open a terminal which would invoke make and once that that finished, I would invoke


to parse the terminal contents into an error list. This works well enough most times, but sometimes, the wrapping breaks up a file name printed by make into multiple lines. This breaks the parsing specified by efm.

I know I can use jobstart instead of termopen where I can specify the width. However, that would mean writing additional code to keep updating a buffer. Moreover, our make provides some very informative color coded messages which would be lost with jobstart.

I have tried a few async make plugins, but I really want to be able to monitor the build progress in a terminal buffer.

Thanks for any help!

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I was under the impression that terminal wrapping was a fundamental limitation in libvte, which Neovim uses for its terminal emulator. Not sure if that has changed. I recall a Github issue saying that it was a desired feature but not currently on the roadmap, or something like that.