LSP Hover Highlighting

Hey, I use the new LSP stuff in neovim and I have the following problem with Go code. A screenshot might describe it best. The floating window is triggered by the LSP hover operation; as you can see it is not very readable…

Default colorscheme:

I use these modifications for the default colors in my init.lua:

vim.cmd("highlight Search ctermbg=12")
vim.cmd("highlight clear SignColumn")
vim.cmd("highlight ColorColumn ctermbg=darkgrey")
vim.cmd("highlight LineNr ctermfg=grey")
vim.cmd("highlight Pmenu ctermbg=white ctermfg=black")
vim.cmd("highlight PmenuSel ctermbg=black ctermfg=white")

It is a bit better, but also very unreadable due to the selection of background and foreground colors. Any ideas how this can be improved?

Since I am a new user I am only allowed to include one image… lol.

Here is the second screenshot.

I think you’re looking for the Float highlight group.

Does the Float highlight group apply to highlighting inside the floating window?

Highlighting of the floating window (especially the background). For starter, you can hi link NormalFloat Pmenu