Mouse Scroll in Floating Windows

I use several plugins that use floating windows: telescope, vim-floaterm, lsp-saga (to name a few).

Some of the floating windows created by these plugins respond to mouse actions like scrolling and others don’t.

For example, I can use my mouse to scroll the preview shown by lsp-saga but when I use my mouse to scroll the preview presented by telescope, the main background buffer scrolls instead of the foreground floating window.

I have vim.o.mouse = 'a' set in my init.lua file. Scrolling in a regular buffer works perfectly.

I experimented with some different values for vim.g.mousefocus and read through the docs around Scrolling but nothing is jumping out as an obvious explanation for why mouse scrolling is inconsistent in different floating windows.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to make all windows and floating windows respond to mouse scroll events consistently?