Neorants Issue #1

I’m starting a neovim blog, the description is in the post, but the idea is to highlight interesting and upcoming contributions in core and the neovim plugin community. The URL may change slightly as I’m re-doing my website.

You can file an issue for Issue #2 at the repo:


This is extremely cool, it must be a lot work, thank you for doing it!
I’m looking forward to reading the next issue :slight_smile:

Is there an RSS feed for these neorants? I looked around but could find one.

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Thank you! For me, this stuff (blogging, working on the discourse, Q&A) takes up a different portion of brainspace than PhD life/work and reviewing PRs/working on core features so it’s relaxing in a way!

I use hugo as my static site generator, so I think it’s pretty easy to add an RSS feed. I’ll look into it :slight_smile: I’m also quite bad at web dev, so I’m working on making my site more accessible/adding search.

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That’s a really great idea! And I would love an rss feed too :slight_smile:

Great one, I really enjoyed reading it

Loved it, and I’d like to add another request for an RSS feed :slight_smile: