Neovim cwd changing when opening a file

I am having an issue that when i open a file (either through neotree or telescope) my working directory changes from what i was in to my home directory and neotree and telescope display all the files in my home directory aswell. how do i fix this?

Its not standard behaviour so whatever is happening its part of your configuration / installed plugins.


Look for something like this:

                          'autochdir' 'acd' 'noautochdir' 'noacd'
  'autochdir' 'acd'       boolean (default off)
          When on, Vim will change the current working directory whenever you
          open a file, switch buffers, delete a buffer or open/close a window.
          It will change to the directory containing the file which was opened
          or selected.  When a buffer has no name it also has no directory, thus
          the current directory won't change when navigating to it.
          Note: When this option is on some plugins may not work.

You can check i with: :set autochdir?