`nvim_create_autocmd` pattern

Hello, just wondering whether the patterns are interpreted similarly in the two function calls below.

-- config 1
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("BufWritePost", {
  pattern = "*/dotconfig/nvim/**/*.lua,*/.config/nvim/**/*.lua",
  command = "source $MYVIMRC",
-- config 2
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("BufWritePost", {
  pattern = { "*/dotconfig/nvim/**/*.lua", "*/.config/nvim/**/*.lua" },
  command = "source $MYVIMRC",

The weird issue I’m having is that config 1 works fine to replace my existing vim.cmd autocmd definition, but config 2 seems to cause nvim to use a lot of memory and take extra long to save, soon breaking Treesitter highlighting. This happens even with no LSP clients attached.

I test this with :lua for i=1, 10 do vim.cmd("w") end

Here is my full config


Config 1 still causes the same problems as config 2, although not as quickly. The original vim.cmd("autocmd! BufWritePost */dotconfig/nvim/**/*.lua,*/.config/nvim/**/*.lua source $MYVIMRC") works completely fine tho.

Found the issue - this was caused by plenary reloading my config in my init.lua.

Not surprising that it works differently, since autocmd! removes the given autocommand (analogous to nvim_clear_autocmds()).

(Lesson: Always put your autocommands in an augroup that is cleared before defining them!)