parrot.nvim: use Claude Opus, ollama, and OpenAI from neovim

This is parrot.nvim, the ultimate stochastic parrot to support your text editing inside Neovim.

Frank Röder started this repository because a perplexity subscription provides $5 of API credits every month for free. Instead of letting them go to waste, he modified his favorite GPT plugin, gp.nvim, to meet his needs - a new Neovim plugin was born! :fire:

Unlike gp.nvim, parrot.nvim prioritizes a seamless out-of-the-box experience by simplifying functionality and focusing solely on text generation, excluding the integration of DALLE and Whisper.


  • Persistent conversations as markdown files stored within the Neovim standard path or a user-defined location
  • Custom hooks for inline text editing with predefined prompts
  • Support for multiple providers:
  • Custom agent definitions to determine specific prompt and API parameter combinations, similar to GPTs
  • Flexible support for providing API credentials from various sources, such as environment variables, bash commands, and your favorite password manager CLI
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