Plugin for splitgroups

with an increasing amount of open buffers and splits it is sometimes hard to figure which file is currently in focus.
This might be also related to the used color theme but I wondered if there is already a plugin that brings a similar experience as one gets in vscode.
What I mean is something like the tab groups
After some research I found GitHub - zefei/vim-wintabs: Modern buffer manager for Vim
This is almost what I was after.
However, it is written in vimscript.

Does anyone know about an alternative, preferably written in lua?
I thought about a lua remake but maybe there is something similar already.


Personally I use my status line for this purpose. My status line looks different in focused vs not focused windows. This allows me to easily know wheres my focus.

I use GitHub - windwp/windline.nvim: The next generation neovim statusline. Animation statusline which has multiple themes/setup built-in. I use one of those and makes things easier.

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Thanks. Will check it out.