Pyright analyzes _all_ files on every change

I’ve configured pyright through nvim-lspconfig through AstroVim. In my project’s pyproject.toml, I have

include = ["src/"]

to make sure only the project’s files are checked. Here is my config, viewed via :LspInstallInfo:

My problem: On every change of a file, all files in the project are checked:

(As a new user I cannot post a second screenshot here. It would have been one of the status bar saying 66 files to analyze (0%).)

Needless to say my laptop fan works overtime now.

Any idea why this might be happening?


In ~/.cache/nvim/lsp.log, I find

[WARN][2022-04-06 09:38:58] ...lsp/handlers.lua:406	"Exception received when installing file system watcher: TypeError [ERR_FEATURE_UNAVAILABLE_ON_PLATFORM]: The feature watch recursively is unavailable on the current platform, which is being used to run Node.js"

Might that have to do with it?