Pyright go to implementation not working

I have an issue with go to implementation functionality.
I am currently using nvim 0.5.1, lsp-config updated yesterday, pyright version is 1.1.184
[WARN][2021-11-01 21:51:41] .../lua/vim/lsp.lua:87 "method textDocument/implementation is not supported by any of the servers registered for the current buffer"
Calling the method returns a:
e5108: Error executing lua /usr/share/nvim/runtime/lua/vim/lsp/handlers.lua:458: bad argument #2 to 'format' (number expected, got nil)
I think here is in code
Seems it client_id is null

Language client log: /home/username/.cache/nvim/lsp.log
 Detected filetype:   python
 1 client(s) attached to this buffer: 
 Client: pyright (id: 1, pid: 146298, bufnr: [1, 1])
 	filetypes:       python
 	autostart:       true
 	root directory:  /home/username/Projects/utils
 	cmd:             pyright-langserver --stdio
 Configured servers list: intelephense, pyright
## Checking language server protocol configuration
  - INFO: intelephense: configuration checked.
  - INFO: pyright: configuration checked.

Anyone else had this issue?

This is fixed on the nightly.

ty, will switch to nightly!

Hey, switched to nightly, updated pyright and lspsava.nvim plugin, same issue, now nvim does not show the error above instead just returns method textDocument/implementation is not supported by any of the servers registered for the current buffer
also code_action for a missing import returns No code actions available.
Is this a pyright issue ?
The rest of are working.

LE: added lua config

Pyright doesn’t support code actions for sure, I don’t believe it supports implementation either. What I fixed was the error message :slight_smile:

Understood, so should i make a PR to remove them from the documentation ?
I think it just adds confusion (at least for me it did :smiley:) about the plugin configuration.

What documentation? Pyright’s section in does not mention any capabilities explicitly.

I was refering to this documentation.
The first server is pyright, and i thought that it being in the example config, all of the commands would be available/implemented for it.
I understand that the mappings apply to all servers but would be nice to have an * that lets you know that some commands may not be available for it.

The warning you are seeing is the * :stuck_out_tongue:

Ofc, we could put in the pyright documentation a small note that these features are missing.

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With type annotations and stub files in Python now, it’s kind of a shame to not have this feature in Pyright!

I am using go to references for now