Set a window-scoped option globally

Is there a way to set 'cursorline' globally, for all windows? I tried :setglobal cursorline but it still only enabled the cursor line in the current window.

I like enabling this option when presenting or collaborating on code over video calls, but it’s annoying to have to re-enable it in every buffer. I use the Unimpaired plugin so I at least have an easy keybinding for it ([oc/yoc), but I want to be able to set it globally.

Is the only solution :windo set cursorline? Or is there some way to really truly force an option to be set “globally”?

If your first window has cursorline then the next windows I believe “fork” options from it. Propagating your settings, otherwise :windo seems like the only alternative.

That worked! I just have to remember to :setglobal cursorline when I first open the editor.