Should i first learn to write plugins in viml and then lua or Not

Hi there, new to the neovim discourse i have a question i happend to be a web dev who got into linux and vim 1 year ago after that i have been using nvim as my main editor with full lua config but now i want to learn the in’s and out of nvim plugins scripting but the thing is i read :h lua manual and i felt that alot of stuff that the manual was trying to convey was how to convert lua code to and parse it into as viml options and after first 400 line of the manuel i got confused do i need to learn viml and then learn lua api or it’s ok to start from lua and leave the viml . I should probably go learn the viml to understand how the vim and viml language work and then learn lua but i need you opinions i just want to make my nvim experience better by doing what ever i want in the config file’s to get my desired output

You can pretty much get by with just Lua at this point, so outside of intellectual pursuits, there isn’t many reasons to learn it if choosing neovim over vim.