Should neovim display hint diagnostics from pyright?

So I’ve been working on a tiny project that connects to a MQTT server. To do that I need to pass callback functions to the MQTT client that have multiple parameters which I don’t use. This causes nvim with Pyright to very prominently highlight these as “not accessed”:

According to Microsoft (see here) these should not really be used as diagnostic messages but only to format the variable in the editor (in case of VS Code apparently in a gray-ish color to point out its “unusedness”).

Should neovim display these hints in this way? Did I maybe configure something wrong? I like the idea of having these parameters in a gray-ish color, but I guess this isn’t a thing nvim lsp does, more a treesitter thing. So while the underline makes sense in this context, I kind of find the diagnostic message to very irritating. Can this be hidden in some way?

You can configure this, of course. I don’t know what the diagnostic level is that pyright uses for those (probably Hint?), but if you know, you can just set the corresponding highlight group (DiagnosticVirtualTextHint in this case) to a dark grayish color. See :h diagnostic-highlights for details.

(You can also configure the diagnostics not to show Hints at all; see the severity config option.)