Stop automatic newline for curly brace

I am new to neovim. I just started using it.

Just in case it is relevant: I have started with TeeJ’s kickstart.nvim (GitHub - nvim-lua/kickstart.nvim: A launch point for your personal nvim configuration)and added the following lines to the very bottom of the file:

vim.cmd 'set softtabstop=2'
vim.cmd 'set shiftwidth=2'
vim.cmd 'set expandtab'

Where I need help:
neovim is automatically placing the open curly brace on a new line in a powershell script I am writing. For example, it changes:

if ($me -eq 'noob') {


if ($me -eq 'noob')

I would like this to stop happening so badly. I have honestly tried internet search to solve the issue, really I have, but I couldn’t find anything that was helpful.

Maybe you should have a look at:

:help cino-}

Thank you for the suggestion.
However, that help section appears to all be about how the next line should be indented rather than whether or not the { is place on it’s own line.