Telescope tab selection

How do i setup open-all-selected in telescope? bascially the tab selection and open all you can do in fzf. i guess a better question is how do i look up what actions are available to me?

so far i have:

" telescope
lua << EOF
    local actions = require'telescope.actions'
        defaults = {
            prompt_position = "top",
            sorting_strategy = "ascending",
            winblend = 30,
            mappings = {
                i = {
                    ["<esc>"] = actions.close,
                    ["<tab>"] = actions.add_selection,
                   ["<cr>"] = actions.???,

You could make your own custom action that checks if you have multiple selected files then open them all, otherwise open the currently selected file. Though it would be better if all default actions behave similar to what I’ve mentioned before so you wouldn’t need to make a separate action.

I’ve tried to implement that logic but I got stuck because we need to keep the picker open when we are opening multiple files and some other issues as well.

For better explanation, please refer to this PR. Conni explained what is the issue and what should be done better than my explanation here

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For you and those who come by later, the maintainer and creator of telescope has a YouTube channel where they go deep on all things telescope and neovim. I believe they originate as twitch streams and then get saved on YouTube. There is a wealth of information in these videos. The videos are long but entertaining and as mentioned, extremely informative.