The non-auto-loading built-in plugins

While reading the docs I came upon a built-in plugin that is not auto-loaded. I looked into it and there is a whole bunch of built-in plugins which are not auto-loaded in neovim.

The first place where there are non-auto-loading plugins is the macros directory. It contains 2 plugins.
One of the plugins is called editexsisting. If it finds a file that you want to edit in another instance then it will bring the instance to the foreground.
The other one is called less and basically implements less inside nvim. (There are also a batch and a bash bin in the macros directory to replace the default less)

The following directory which has non-auto-loading plugins is pack/dist/opt and it contains 6(+1 auto loading) plugins.
The first one is vimball which is the only one that I recognized and used. It is basically a plugin installer that places the files where they need to be.
The second one is cfilter which contains two commands that filter the quickfixlist and locallist.
The third one is justify which will left and right align text.
The fourth one is shellmenu which adds a bunch of menus when selected that acts like bash snippets.
The fifth one is swapmouse which swaps left-mouse and right-mouse.
The sixth one is termdebug which can debug a program with gdb and view the source code in a window.

The last directory which has non-auto-loading plugins is the tools directory.
It only contains one plugin called check_colors which tests a (built-in styled) color scheme file for errors and lists those errors.