Tmux-resurrect custom neovim executable

Hello, sorry for posting something that is just slightly related to neovim, but I am not getting help anywhere.
I tried following the instructions of tmux-resurrect about how to define the binary to use for neovim. I want it to not open nvim again, I want to use my custom script that sets certain environment variables and all the stuff. However, when I restore my sessions it keeps calling nvim with the -u parammeter to specify the configuration. How can I make it use my custom executable (which is available in my path) instead?

Here is my relevant tmux.conf section

set -g @plugin 'tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect'
set -g @resurrect-processes '~nvim->lvim'

And this is how a tmux-resurrect save file for nvim looks like

pane	0	2	0	:-	1	[No Name] - NVIM	:/Users/danielo/.local/share/chezmoi	1	nvim	:nvim -u /Users/danielo/.local/share/lunarvim/lvim/init.lua