Typescript formating EOL errors

I am using vscode language server extracted for eslint for linting my typescript.
In my project there is a .eslintrc file which specifies the line endings as “auto”.
The problem I am having:

  • When formatting with the eslintFixAll command
  • Eslint inserts the wrong line endings
  • Ive played around with setting the fileformats, tried all possible combinations nothing helped.
    Btw I am on Macos, using newest release of neovim.
    This is litterally the only thing keeping me from swithching to neovim fulltime for my work.
    All help is greatly appreciated!

I should probably note that my ESLINT and TSserver configs can be found at:
Link to lspconfig setup

I fixed something with line endings for 0.7, which is not yet released. Perhaps related.