Ultisnips stopped working after moving to Lua

Hey there,

I moved some of my configurations to Lua as you can see here, but I’m having some issues with Ultisnips that stopped working.

Do you have any issues related to this plugin?

My recommendation and at the same time experience is to switch to plugins written directly in LUA to take full advantage of the possibilities. Especially since the philosophy of these modules is a bit different. The case with the snippets I have therefore solved as follows: A completion plugin for neovim coded in Lua and as extensions Luasnip completion source for nvim-cmp and Snippet Engine for Neovim written in Lua.
This parse LSP-Style Snippets either directly in lua, as a vscode package or a snipmate snippet collection.
Maybe this works for you, too.


I’m moving from Coc to LSP slowly, but I think to give this next step I’ll need to have LSP + nvim-cmp configured. What do you think?

I don’t have any issues with ultisnips so far.
If you are looking for a working example with nvim-cmp this might be of interest: GitHub - lockejan/neovim-config: Personal neovim configuration