Unable to get LSP to autostart

I have been setting up neovim LSP with neovim-lspconfig. I have configured several language servers and when I open a file and run :LspInfo I can see that: the correct servers have been identified, root directories are set, and they are marked with autostart: true, but the clients never automatically start. I have found that I can start them with either :LspStart or by even just typing :e to refresh the file. If I open neovim (without a file) and open a file for editing with :e <file_path> then it appropriately autostarts.

I can understand if this happens when I do neovim <new_file> where the file hasn’t actually been created yet until I do a write, but this is happening even when I open an existing file with neovim <existing_file>.

Has anyone run into this before or have any idea what I can do to get the LSP clients to start automatically?

It works automagically for me, even when the files are not on disk.

this happens sometimes… rarely to me.