Where is the command history file?

Hi and thanks for Neovim!

I’d like to know where the Neovim’s history file is per default and whether there are multiple files used.

The reason is that I’d like to remove some malformed commands from my history, as described here.

I can see that a lot of my commands are saved in ~/.local/share/nvim/shada/main.shada but there are commands (which I want to delete) showing up with q: that are not in main.shada.

Are there further files used to save the history?

There are functions like histdel() that allow manipulating command history.

Thanks. I’m acquainted with histdel() but I’d like to search and delete commands as one can with .bash_history. I feel I’m close to that with main.shada in Neovim. But since there are entries in q: that are not in main.shada, I assume there must be another file as the source of the command history.

See also ~/.local/state/nvim/shada/main.shada (sharestate) that should have newer history.