A symbol appearing whenever the key is pressed?

When moving the cursor in neovim, in two different terminal emulators, there sometimes a symbol appears in the bottom right corner.

However, it’s not consistent:

  • in Konsole (on the left) no symbol appears,
  • in alacritty (on the right) the symbol does appear.

Any idea why this may be? Also, what is this symbol about?


  • alacritty 0.11.0
  • Konsole 21.12.3
  • neovim 0.8.1

You can see there the “chords” of the command that you’re currently composing.

It will persist until the command is done processing. Characters of quick, single character commands might appear there for a very short time, for example when you hold j, { or %. You can clearly see characters appearing there as you type them for longer commands, try gg or y1000j.

Maybe key representation differs between terminals. For me they are displayed directly be exactly as entered.

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