After keymap, something doesn't work properly

Firstly, I use these code to keymap sth.

local keymap = vim.api.nvim_set_keymap
local opts = {noremap = true, silent = true}

local function map(mode, shortcut, command)
    keymap(mode, shortcut, command, opts)

local function nmap(shortcut, command)
    map("", shortcut, command)

nmap("n", "h")
nmap("e", "j")
nmap("u", "k")
nmap("i", "l")

Then when I use the snippet, it doesn’t work properly.
When I click n/e/u/i , just expand/narrow the selecting scope,Like the visual mode. But I just want to input n/e/u/i.
Peek 2022-04-24 17-16

Maybe I missed sth. So how to resovle this problem? Thanks.

You can unmap these keys in Select (s) mode.

OH,YES. This is a stupid question.Thanks for your reply. Now it works very well.