Change in 'opts' values for vim.keymap.set in lsp-config readme

I see that lsp-config README is using vim.keymap.set . In its docs, it is mentioned that remap is passed to opts instead of noremap . Should the corresponding opts in Suggested keymaps be changed to use remap instead?

Have you read this? Which one has more precedence: noremap or remap?
Not saying you didn’t, but maybe that thread clarifies something?

I had not read that before. Thank you for sharing it. Now, I definitely think that noremap key in the 'opts and bufopts should be changed in suggested configuration

Yes, I really find it quite confusing too. Like the remap default is false, noremap by default is true, so if you specify it it as false is the only thing that makes sense, but if you specify remap too it has precedence … A bit hard to remember.
To what do you think it should be changed to?

I think noremap should be removed because it has no effect as mentioned in the thread that you shared.

So, the change should be to either explicitly set remap=false or don’t set it at all, as it’s the default value.

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Yep, I tend to agree.
You better open an issue on the neovim repo?