Build neovim from source with man pages

I’m currently using neovim by simply building it from source by only running ‘make CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release’. This build the nvim executable.

However, because the ‘plugin/man.vim’ & ‘auoload/man.vim’ is not in the master branch’s ‘runtime’ folder, if I set the VIMRUNTIME environment variable to that, it will not have core function manuals.

I want to include the core function manuals so that I can request help for them but I don’t understand how I would get the latest manuals into my runtime.

How would I go about fixing the above issue?

Oh, and I don’t want to do ‘make install’ as that will put the nvim executable in /usr/local/bin or some other place and I don’t want the nvim executable anywhere else on my system.

Many thanks!