Ccls server not a valid entry for ensure_installed in mason.nvim

I’m using mason.nvim and I have the basic config for the ccls server in lspconfig.lua but still get the error message.

lspconfig[“ccls”].setup {
cmd = {“ccls”}, – I have also tried adding the PATH “/usr/bin/ccls”
init_options = {
compilationDatabaseDirectory = “build”;
index = {
threads = 0;
clang = {
excludeArgs = { “-frounding-math”} ;

This is not a nvim-lspconfig error, it is a mason-lspconfig.nvim error (so, your config for that language server for nvim-lspconfig has nothing to do with it).

If you check their README, you will see that mason-lspconfig.nvim does not support ccls. You probably have it in the ensure_instaleld key of its config and that is why this error is being shown.