Clang lsp #include <windows.h> --Too many errors emitted, stopping now

I have a cpp file that includes windows.h. I have configured the clangd lsp as follows:

require('lspconfig').clangd.setup {
    cmd = { clangd_bin ,"-log=verbose","--query-driver=C:\\Users\\Aris\\bin\\msys64\\mingw64\\**\\g++*.exe,C:\\Users\\Aris\\bin\\msys64\\mingw64\\**\\gcc*.exe","--pretty"}, --Arguments are added automatically from the nvim-lspconfig
    on_attach = on_attach,

Everything works ok and the program compiles correctly I also have the compile_commands.json
in the correct place. However the windows.h line gives out the following LSP error.

#include <windows.h>     ■■ Too many errors emitted, stopping now

For anyone that might come across this. I was using a standalone version of clangd. Since then I have downloaded all the LLVM toolchain and used the clangd provided by the distribution and this error has disappeared.