Colorscheme highlight differ from vim

Recently I planned to switch to neovim, but when I open a shell script file with the vim-material colorscheme, I found that the variable is not highlighted in bold style.

The highlight settings are similar, but neovim seems to ignore the cterm=bold option.
(I tried to launch neovim in the WezTerm terminal emulator, konsole, and kitty)

I really like that bold style, is there any clean way to fix those difference? Or I must need to copy a syncolor.vim and put it into my config bag?

Did you try set notermguicolors?

set notermguicolors can enable the bold attributes, but it changed too many colors of the colorscheme that I wouldn’t like to turn it on. The page of help 'termguicolors' are different in vim and neovim, in the vim one it says Note that the "cterm" attributes are still used, not the "gui" ones.
I also found this issue: "set termguicolors" breaks my colors · Issue #8352 · neovim/neovim · GitHub
So, is it the problem that my current colorscheme does not support truecolors?